• Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels and Plungers

    Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels and Plungers

    Rongli Forging Co., Ltd, as a China leading manufacturer of open-die forging parts, has been supplying hydraulic cylinder barrels and stainless steel overlaid plungers for over 18 years. We registered the hydraulic cylinder barrel and plunger brand "Litelang" in China, b...
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  • Forging Introduction

    Forging Introduction

    Forging is the name for processes in which the work piece is shaped by compressive forces applied from dies and tools. It is one of the oldest metal working operations dating back all the way to 4000 B.C. Simple forging can be done with a hammer and anvil, as in a blacksmith. Most forgings howeve...
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  • ISO 9001 Certified

    ISO 9001 Certified

    At Rongli Forging, we see quality as our lives. We know good quality comes from a robust quality managing system which corrects and prevents non-conformities. We know good quality is a product in need of efforts from every staff at all levels. We know good quality is a key factor makes us thrive ...
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  • Forging vs Casting & Fabricatings

    Forging vs Casting & Fabricatings

    What you can gain from converting castings & fabricating to forgings: • Cost efficiency. When you consider all the costs that are involved from procurement to lead time to rework, then downtime and further quality issues, forgings are far more competitive compared to what castings or fabricat...
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